Thursday 9 May 2024

Kahikatea News Term 2 Week 2

Kia ora e te whānau mā,What a lovely two weeks back at school for Term 2. Our tamariki have settled in so well with the routines, we have loved the big smiles and warm greetings each day. We would like to send a big thank you to our parents and caregivers as you have made such a difference by setting your child/ren up for success in the morning transition. He waka eke noa - We get there together!Cross CountryA quick reminder that Cross Country will take place on Tuesday, 14th May. The junior races will start from 2.15pm on the field. Please ensure that your child/ren will have their drink bottles, running shoes, and pants, shorts or leggings appropriate for running. They have the option to wear their house shirt.Our tamariki have been training hard for this event and shown our value 'We Love Challenge'. Ka mau te wehi - way to go!School PhotosThank you to our whānau and caregivers for preparing your child/ren for school photos. Everyone came to their photo session with great pride and a big smile. We are excited to show their photos to you when they are available.Naming Uniforms and BelongingsPlease make sure that your child's clothing items, drink bottles, and lunchboxes are properly named. We have had quite a few tamariki losing their tops, jerseys and shoes. You are welcome to have a look in the hub and at the lost property after school should any of their belongings have gone missing.Paper Making and RecyclingLast week, Sarah and Quynh's homegroups had a great time experimenting with paper making! They learnt about the value of recycling, and how used paper can have a second life.

"We made paper out of used bits of paper."
"It was tickly and weird."
"It was squishy!"
"We put our hand on the bit of paper."
"We kept on pushing it."
"Mine was like a pancake!"
"I got heaps of little paper and squished it and we leave it for 24 hours."
"I liked pushing it, it was so fun."
"I made a love heart."
"I loved squishing the paper!"

Learning Through Play

We had scarf dancing as one of the options for LTP last week. Our tamariki had so much fun following and creating movements. Also, a big thank you to one of our parents for donating baby dolls, they were the most popular option during LTP.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Amber, Tracey, Sarah, Megan, Lisa and Quynh

Thursday 11 April 2024

Kahikatea News Term 1 Week 11

Kia ora e te whānau,

What a fantastic term we have had in the Kahikatea team! Ngā ākonga have settled in beautifully with their 2024 home groups, and it has been wonderful to see friendships grow and rich learning taking place. Thank you for your ongoing support as we 'fill our kete for the journey.'

Katie and Amber have enjoyed co-leading the Kahikatea team during Term 1. Amber will be the Acting Team Leader from the beginning of Term 2. She is very excited to be stepping back into this role for 2024 while Katie continues working in her Acting Deputy Principal role for the remainder of the year.


Our concept-based inquiry this year is Identity. This term, we have worked really hard to learn new kupu (words) and rerenga kupu (phrases) by learning our pepeha (introduction) in Te Reo Māori.

Pepeha is a way for all of us to express to others who we are and where we come from. In Te Ao Māori it builds whanaungatanga (relationship/connection).

For Maōri (tangata whenua), pepeha is a set form of words that is recited. Pepeha is about places and people that Māori are connected to through their whakapapa (genealogy).

Non-Māori (tauiwi/tangata tītiri) can have a pepeha if they think about some rules (tikanga Māori). They can express their connection to the places and people they connect to through their own whakapapa.

Each child planned their pepeha, similar to the one below. They then practiced and practiced their pepeha. We are so proud of how well everyone has done! You can look forward to seeing your child's pepeha in their mid-year report learning post.

Teddy Bears Picnic

It was such a treat to come to school in our pyjamas with our favourite teddy bear yesterday! We did a range of fun teddy bear related activities. Here are some photos of the fun!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday! We look forward to seeing you and your child back at school on Monday the 29th of April.

Team Kahikatea

Wednesday 27 March 2024

Kahikatea News Term 1 Week 9

Kia ora whānau,

The end of Term 1 is just around the corner and our tamariki have worked so hard. It is wonderful to see friendships blossoming, resilience growing, and a determination to achieve learning goals. To celebrate and to acknowledge the wonderful work of all our tamariki we will be having a Teddy Bear Picnic/Pajama Day on the 11th of April. Your child/ren is warmly invited to bring: 

A teddy or cuddly toy (no hard plastic toys please) 

1x small blanket (to sit on or snuggle up in) 

their usual packed lunch


wear their pyjamas! 


A reminder to all our whānau that the Home Group teachers are always happy to be contacted if there is anything you would like to share or discuss about your child. The home/school relationship is important and communication plays a large part in this. So please see your child's Home Group teacher in the first instance. 

Word of the Week:

Our word of the week is cooperation. Cooperation is all about teamwork and the ability to work well with others.  Our school values, 'We Get There Together ' ('Mā tātou katoa te waka e hoe') and 'We Care' ('Arohaina te tāngata ma te taiao') are shown when tamariki cooperate well with others. Below is a short animation and a song about cooperation. 

Here is a link to some stories which show the value of cooperation: 


We have thoroughly enjoyed our netball sessions this term. Tamariki have worked hard to develop their movement skills of running, jumping, throwing, catching, coordination, and teamwork. 

House Games: 

A big thank you to the Year 7/8 House Captains who organise such fun activities during House Games. 


Just a reminder that Ella and Amber's homegroups visit the school library on Tuesdays to change their books and Quynh and Sarah's homegroups visit on Thursdays. Tamariki must have their library folders at school on these days so that books can be changed. Also, if your child is not bringing a library book home, it may be because books are overdue on their library account. It would be wonderful if these books could be returned to school. If these books have been misplaced, please contact the school office. 


Thank you so much to the whānau who have donated toys, cardboard boxes, and craft supplies to support learning through play. It is very much appreciated and the children love having these new resources to inspire creativity. Lots of these items do get used quickly so it would be wonderful if you can collect and bring in any of the following items. 

  • Craft and construction (wool, boxes, buttons, milk lids, containers, toilet roll tubes) 
  • Magazines, coloured paper or card, posters, old calendars
  • Stickers/labels 
  • Good dress-up costumes (including hats, accessories, shoes) 
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon or string
  • Boxes for box construction (cereal boxes, biscuit boxes, small paper bags, egg cartons etc

We also want to make a really cosy reading space in the hub. If you have any top quality cushions, fabric, rugs or blankets that are no longer needed, please let your child's kaiako know. 

Photo Gallery: 


  • Please name your child's belongings
  • Please remind your child/ren they do not need to bring toys to school
  • Hats are to be worn during break times (Term 1 and 4)

 If you need to korero with your child's teacher please remember you can email us:

Arohanui, from Team Kahikatea 

Amber, Quynh, Lisa, Sarah, Ella & Katie