Sunday 31 March 2019

Kahikatea Newsletter Term 1 Week 8

Our lessons start on the 27th - 31st May & 4th - 7th June 2019.
Group 1: 11-12.20am Amber & Anna's Group
Group 2: 11.30-12.50am Jules & Charlotte
Swimming Helpers Term 2
There are three breaks in our school day for children to eat. Morning tea, Brain break and Lunchtime. The reason for Brain break is because there is a delay between morning tea at 10.30 and lunch 1.20. Some of our children need a little bit more food to ensure they have enough for their lunchtime eating. Each food break is monitored by teachers and we do remind children not to eat all their food at Brain break.
Cross Country Practice
We will be running each day to prepare for Cross Country on Monday 6th May (postponement date is the 7th May). Please ensure your child/children has a named water bottle and that they are wearing appropriate footwear everyday.
Home Reading
Please use the reading log to record the books your child/children read at home.
Reading everyday makes a HUGE difference to how quickly children acquire early reading strategies.
Many early readers will still need to look at the pictures in the book- this is important because the pictures hold meaning. When your child is looking at the pictures and having a go at reading they are engaging in an appropriate early reading strategy. Praise them. When they are ready you can support them to look at the words, matching their finger underneath each word as they read along. Eventually the finger pointing is replaced by 'pointing' with their eyes.
Innovation Inquiry: Boat Building
This week children were encouraged to build boat! The key stages we went through were:
* Plan
* Gather materials
* Build
* Test
* Making changes or innovations to improve our boats

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