Thursday 1 August 2019

Kahikatea Newsletter T3 Week 2

Calendar Art - Kandinsky
We are taking inspiration from Kandinsky for our Calendar Art.  This is an important fundraiser run by our PTA so look out for order forms coming home soon.
Warm Clothing - Thank You
Throughout the day we go in and out of the hub to get fresh air, to do our fitness and to take our breaks for morning tea and lunch.
Very often, we  experience very changeable weather so we appreciate you sending your child to school with an extra layer of warm clothing, such as thermals or a water/windproof jacket.

Lunches - Thank You
For providing full and filling lunches each day. Lunch eating is actively supervised and we are genuinely impressed by the delicious lunches our tamariki are eating. Sandwiches, wraps, buns  (carbohydrates) and protein (nuts, meats, dairy) and of course vegetables and fruit are essential lunchbox items.

Teachers are actively monitoring daily handwashing routines, especially before lunch eating. We also remind our tamariki to always wash their hands after using the toilet. It is particularly important during these winter months that we are all mindful of maintaining basic hygiene.

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