Thursday 22 October 2020

Kahikatea Newsletter Term 4, Week 2

Kia ora e te whānau

We have had another busy week! Read about our highlights and upcoming events below. 

Key Dates 

27-29 Oct & 2-6 Nov : Water Safety Sessions at Pioneer Pool 
30 Oct: Whole School Athletics. 11am-12.15ish & Sprints/Relays 2pm
11 Nov: Trip to Rāpaki Marae - parent helpers will be needed. More information coming about this.

Kete Awards For This Week 
Well done to the children who got "We Love Learning" and "We Get There Together" awards this week.

Head Lice 
...are on the move again. Please check and, if needs be, treat your child's hair. Long hair should be tied up, not just to prevent the spread of Head Lice, but for swimming as well.
Tea Tree Oil can be a good preventative treatment, and for children with long hair, plaits with hairspray can also be a good barrier for transmission!

Swimming - Next Fortnight
We have discussed and role-played what we will need to do for water safety sessions next week, including getting on the bus and changing. Please encourage your child to practise: 
  • Drying themselves
  • Getting undressed and dressed 
  • Putting their clothes in their swimming bag
  • Putting jumpers etc in the right way
As well their togs, towel, goggles and swim cap, children will need a larger lunch and water bottle at school every day next week. Many thanks for your help. If you would like to read our Water Safety Social Story with your child at home, please do so.
Please NAME all of your child's clothes.

Re-visiting Our Treaty 
Over the past fortnight, we have revisited how we show our school values & reconstructed our Team Treaty (see below). This is inline with our school-wide Positive Behaviour For Learning protocol. Do feel free to talk with the children at home about this. 

Kahikatea Treaty
  • We use kind hands and words.
  • We include others.
  • We move safely and carefully.
  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
  • We stay in our personal space bubbles.
  • We try our best and never give up (this shows that we love challenge).
  • We listen to the person talking with our bodies, eyes and ears.
  • We care for the environment and nature. 
  • We look after our materials (pens, paper, devices, books, games, chairs).
  • We ALL help pack up. 
  • We help others and encourage them, too.
  • If there is a problem, we use our words to say, “Stop it please” and we find a teacher if we need more help.
  • We have fun!
Photos of our whole team Treaty and values discussion:

Discovery Photos

Games & Construction

Dressing Up

Our Little Gardens

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