Thursday 3 June 2021

Kahikatea Newsletter Week 5 Term 2


Tuesday 8th: June Staff Only Day 

Thursday 10th: Park Explorers Trip - Amber & Charlotte's Home Groups

Library days: 

    -Katie and Lisa's Home Groups- Tuesdays (Thursday for week 6 only)

    -Amber and Charlotte's Home Groups- Thursdays (no library day week 6 due to trip)

Junior Park Explorers and Museum Trip

Katie and Lisa's home groups had a fabulous trip to the Botanic Gardens and Museum last week. Thanks so much to all of the whānau helpers for coming to support us on this trip. We were very lucky with the weather and the tamariki had a wonderful time. Amber and Charlotte's home groups are looking forward to their trip on the 10th June. Thanks to all of our helpers for rescheduling.

Learner voice:

Pippa- "I liked the museum and all of the stuff we had to figure out. We worked out the old fashioned washing board. At the beginning I thought it was something to do with music."

Shikani- "My favourite bit was when we went to visit the gardens and we were pretending to be birds, buzzy bees and ladybugs. I learnt that they are special to us because they help us survive."

Max G: "I liked it when I rode the bike at the museum. I liked the horse. I did like playing in the playground."

Myra: "I loved the games that we played. We learnt to be birds. We learnt about them and we had fun. I also loved the big, giant bike."

James: "I liked guessing the things at the museum. I liked the botanical gardens and climbing the tree."

Jeremy: "I liked the museum because we guessed the old things from the olden days."

Zak: "I liked nature and learning about the creatures. I found a bug under leaves and wood."


We are loving our new sandpit toys! Thanks to the PTA and Outdoor Spaces team for these. We have been working on showing our values when using these toys, especially 'We Care' and 'We Get There Together'

Here are some more photos of our learners for the last week:

Maths : making patterns

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