Sunday 17 March 2019

Kahikatea Term 1 Week 6

Kia Ora Whānau
Would you like to join us for Discovery? 
We welcome 1-2 parents in each week to share their culture or skills on Wednesday mornings 9.20-10am or Friday's 2.15-2.45pm. We have the materials - you have the knowledge!
Things you could share:
* A song, game or activity from your home culture
* A food related or cooking activity
* A sport or outdoor activity
* An art or craft
or something else.
Please come and talk or email a teacher if you would like to join us.
Parent Helpers
We are always happy to have parent help and there are some days when our program are a little different. Please check with you child's hub teacher to find out which day and time is best for parent help.
Reading At Home
Your child will be self-selecting their home reading book each day. Reading at home should be relaxed and enjoyable.
“For students, independent reading of materials they choose themselves: Builds the habit of reading, Allows them to practise reading strategies with books that interest them, Builds their vocabulary and helps comprehension, Helps them sustain concentrated reading for a set time, Promotes fluency, Puts the responsibility for solving problems with words and meaning into their own hands, Helps build their confidence about trying unfamiliar books.”  Effective Literacy Practice -Years 1 to 4. Ministry of Education 2003.
If you have any questions about our reading program please talk with your child's teacher.
Kind regards, Kahikatea Teachers

The Beckenham Ballers miniball team play at Pioneer each Thursday afternoon.  
Parents Returning Reading Books 
If you would like to see how the 'system' for returning our reading books works the wonderful Sally will be here at 9am on Wednesday to show you what to do. Kia ora Sally!
Swimming in Term 2 
Yes! We will be attending swimming lessons at Aqua Gym from Monday the 27th May. Details and further information will be forthcoming.
Scooters & Bikes 
When children arrive at school on a scooter or on your bike they are not permitted to ride through the school grounds or ride it up and down verandas. Please ensure your child/children park their wheels as soon as they get to school. There are two bike parks, one is behind kōmanawa and one you can access via Sandwich Rd.
At the end of the day they must walk their bike/scooter through the school grounds.
Discovery Action & Outdoor Challenges 



Inside Creativity

Self-Managing Mathematicians

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