Sunday 28 August 2022

Kahikatea News Term 3 Week 5

Tēnā koutou!

It is incredible to think that we are entering Week 6 already! So much amazing learning has been happening in our hub.

The word of the week

Our word of the week in Week 5 was KINDNESS. 

Kindness is "the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate" (Oxford Dictionary)

Some of our beautiful tamariki demonstrated kindness this week by creating a card for a friend or loved one. It was wonderful to see the thoughtfulness that they used.

A video that has a kindness song is below...

Te Reo Māori focus

Over the past two weeks, we have been working on different ways to greet people and also how to say how we feel. During our waiata, we have been singing the 'Ata mārie' song, which has been wonderful to support our tamariki in learning Māori greetings. 

Here it is so you can sing along at home...

Book Character Day

Book character dress-up was held on Friday 19th of August and it was amazing to see all of our tamariki proudly strutting their stuff in super fun costumes. Even the teachers dressed up!

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Sandy. She was dressed in her 'Guess How Much I Love You' pajamas and she read us the story. 

Toys at school

We have had a number of toys (including bag toys) make an appearance at school this term. We ask that all toys stay home. We know how special they are to you and we don't want to see them broken or lost. There are lots of awesome things for you to play with at school, including amazing outdoor spaces that the school has. 


The Kahikatea teachers have been noticing a lot of students walking around the school without shoes on. Shoes are important for keeping our feet safe and clean. Kahikatea students are not to be outside in the playground without their shoes on. When in the hub, the expectation is that the students have shoes on (or slippers) unless their shoes are very wet or dirty.

Cultural Presentations

As part of our fortnightly celebration assemblies, children have an opportunity to share with the junior school their culture via a presentation. These presentations are done in the form of a slideshow, in which the family receives a template to fill in. They require adult input and support. 
If your child is interested in getting up and presenting a cultural presentation, please contact your child's homegroup teacher for more information. 


Here are some photos of our amazing tamariki hard at work.

Ma te wa, 
Amber, Krystal, Emma, Katie, Lisa, Kerilea, Kate & Jan

Thursday 11 August 2022

Kahikatea News Week 3 Term 3

Kia ora whanau, 

Welcome to Term 3. We hope you were able to have some quality time with your tamariki during the school break and that you are all keeping well. 
Our literacy and maths programs are well underway again now. Katie and Amber are working together during maths time and Krystal and Emma are working together during maths time. 

Katie now has her homegroup in the Nook, Amber is in the Breakout Room and Krystal is in the Atrium. 

New Library Days 

Tuesday- Amber and Katie 
Thursday- Krystal and Emma 


Jan Malcolm 

In team Kahiaktea we have so many wonderful teachers and staff who work with our tamariki. 
Each week the lovely Jan Malcolm works with Amber's Home Group. Sometimes she is here for the whole day or part of the day. Jan works in other teams across the school too, including Kowhai and Pohutukawa. 
Welcome Jan!

Kauri Buddies

Every afternoon on Friday/Rapare our team welcomes students from the Kauri hub (Year 7/8). These children are self-selected, they opt into buddies. They love working with younger tamariki and sharing their skills with them. It is all about building that tuakana-teina relationship. They gain a lot from this experience - organisation skills, communication, greater understanding of group dynamics and being a leader. There is also a lot of gain for the younger children - forming bonds with older children, having an older friend to recognise in the playground. 

Playground Time 

Train Construction

Monkey Bars 

Play Dough Fun

Showing Respect 

This week we have had a focus on understanding what Respect looks like, feels like and sounds like: 

Respect is an attitude of caring about people and treating them with dignity. 
Respect is valuing ourselves and others. 
We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy. 
When we are respectful we treat others as we want to be treated. 
Respect includes honouring the rules of our family or school,
which make life more orderly and peaceful. 

Congratulations! You are practising Respect when you...

  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Speak courteously to everyone
  • Take special care of other people’s belongings
  • Respect the rules of your family, school and nation
  • Expect respect for your body and your rights
Copyright 2000, 2004 by The Virtues Project, Inc.

Healthy Lunches

School is a busy place to be and there are a lot of different activities and learning tasks that required our students to be ready for learning and ready to participate and contribute. 
Feeding your child a healthy, filling lunch helps our tamariki to get through a busy school day. 
During these colder winter days we know children are wanting a bit more kai in their lunchboxes. 

Tips for a fabulous lunchbox: 

wraps, sandwiches, scrolls, filled rolls or buns,croissants, pizza bread, pizza,scones, yoghurt, hummus, olives, fruit (sliced and ready to eat), proteins (vegetarian and meat), crackers, cheese, pasta, rice, egg (boiled or in a sandwich).  Treat foods like chocolate should be included very occasionally. 

For more ideas you can check out Nutrition Foundation NZ or Kidspot NZ 

Morning Routines 

We know that getting kids to school each day can be a challenge, especially on these cold and frosty mornings. 
Here are some useful affirmations to use in the morning to help if your child is showing reluctance to go to school: 
💛It may feel hard now, but it won't feel like this forever
💜Today is going to be a great day!
💙At anytime I can stop and breath
💗I can be kind to others and they will be kind to me 
💗I have people who care about me

Te Reo Maori 

Our focus this week has been learning colour names

Many of our tamariki are already very confident and can correctly name colours in tea reo maori. 
If you and your child would like to learn more you can check out this link to TVNZ (you may need to login): 

Kahikatea Singing

This term we have started singing again! Each Monday morning our team gathers in the theatre and Emma leads singing. 
We are learning to: 
Sing with expression and in tune
To sing with a correct singing voice 
To use different rhythms to stay in time  

We are learning the following waiata:
- E Tū Kahikatea
- Koromiko 
- Āta Marie
- Sprinkle A Little Sunshine

Creative Kids 

So many of our gorgeous tamariki demonstrate their creativity through play. Here are just some of their amazing creations: 


Calendar Art 

Our tamariki have been working on beautiful calendar art these last two weeks and we look forward to sharing these with you soon! 

Book Character Dress-up Day 

Friday 19th August 

Ma te wa, 
Amber, Krystal, Emma, Katie, Lisa, Kerilea, Kate & Jan.