Thursday 12 August 2021

Kahikatea Week 3 Term 3 News


Wow! What an incredible start we have had to gymnastics in Kahikatea.

It has been wonderful to see our tamariki showing each of our Kete Values during the sessions.

We Love Challenge Nau mai te wero

- We love trying new things at gymnastics

- When something is hard we try and try again

- We know that challenge is good!

- It feels great when we achieve new things!

We Make a Difference Nā mātou he rerekē te ao 

- We encourage each other when things are tricky

- We help each other

- We show each other how to do things

- We let our coaches and bus driver know that we appreciate them by saying thank you

- We follow the rules at gymnastics to keep everyone safe

We Love Learning He taonga te ako

- It feels great to learn new things!

- We listen to our coaches so that we know what to do

- We practise and practise until we get it

- We know how important movement is for our bodies

- We ask questions and try to improve all the time

We Care Arohaina te tāngata me te taiao

- We encourage the people in our group

- We show others kindness and use our manners

- We follow the rules to keep others and ourselves safe

- We help others if they fall down

- We make sure that everyone gets a turn

We Get There Together Mā tātou katoa te waka e hoe

- We encourage each other

- We take turns and wait patiently

- We listen to our coaches

- We put the equipment back in the right place

- We move safely to the bus

Latest News in our ESOL Classes

If your child attends ESOL classes (please see your classroom teacher if you need to verify this) you are welcome to attend our Parent Hui next Wednesday at 2.15pm in the Staffroom. 
We will share pictures of our learning well as the soup we made for you!

Read-a-thon and Book Character Dress-up Day 

We hope the Readathon is going well!
There is one more week to continue reading and reaching your daily target.
Don't forget to keep thinking about who you will come dressed up as for Book Character Day, Friday 20th August. 

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Gymnastics Social Story -updated link

 Gymnastics Social Story

Kahikatea News Week 2 Term 3 2021


Our first gymnastics sessions start on Monday! Our tamariki are very excited. We have shared the social story (link below) and encourage you to take a look through it with your child/children over the next few days. 

Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate clothing/footwear on Monday's and Tuesday: 

  • No tights, extra long pants or school dresses 
  • Easy to remove shoes
  • School shirt or equivalent (eg a red t-shirt) 
  • Leggings or shorts

Please also ensure your child/children have had a lovely big breakfast as this will provide them with the energy they will need to really enjoy their time, to stay focused and to be great listeners! 

Gymnastics Social Story

We have sufficient numbers of parent/whanau helpers for gymnastics and information has been sent out to those of you who are coming along to support us. 

*For parent/whanau helpers with Lisa and Amber please be in the hub at  9.40am to assist staff and prepare students for departure at 10am. 

*For parent/whanau helpers with Katie and Charlotte please be in the hub at 10.40am to assist staff and prepare students for departure at 11am. 

Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) 

Next week teachers will begin the first lesson in the Keeping Ourselves Safe programme. Your child/children may bring home some tasks which you can help them to complete (such as learning their phone number and address). 

Keeping Ourselves Safe is a comprehensive child abuse prevention programme for schools. Its purpose is to:
  • teach students a range of safe practices that they can use when interacting with other people, both online and face to face
  • teach students how to recognise the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and encourage students who have been or are being abused to seek help
  • prevent abuse by making parents and teachers more aware of their responsibilities to help students avoid abuse.
School Community Officers are available to support schools to plan and implement Keeping Ourselves Safe