Monday 28 October 2019

Kahikatea News Term 4 Week 2

Kia ora Koutou
He mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa,
What a wonderful start to Term 4 we have had!  Hopefully, the weather will start to improve soon and we can enjoy consistently sunny days.

Our Kete Values and Tokens

Our wonderful PB4L team has created Kete Value Tokens to reward ngā tamariki who show our values throughout the day.  The house with the most tokens each fortnight is rewarded with exciting activities such as time in the Big Adventure or, for example, using the Bee-Bots.

Calendar Art

This week all the calendar art orders arrived and were sent home.  If you have any queries regarding your order please contact the PTA at
Ngā tamariki artwork is now displayed in the hub. Beautiful!

Calm Space

We are setting up a calm down / chill out space in the hub.  We would love a small collection of quality cushions, soft toys, 2-3 baskets (or similar) for packing toys, blankets etc, old Where's Wally or similar search and find books, fidget spinners or other finger toys.
If you can donate any of these, or have something else that might be useful, please send it to Charlotte. Thank you.  

Sharing our talents

Erina brought along her Cello for us to see and gave a lovely impromptu show.

Sun Hats

During Terms 1 and 4, the expectation is that everyone is to wear a sunhat. We require everyone to wear hats that shade the face, neck, and ears, whenever the children are outside and involved in school activities. Hats must be broad-brimmed (min. 7.5 cm), or legionnaire/bucket hats (min. 6 cm brim, deep crown). These hats provide significant protection to the eyes. If a child does not have a hat at school, they will be asked to stay in an allocated shaded area.

Boxes for craft and construction

Ngā tamariki love making all sorts of wonderful creations using recycled materials.  We would really appreciate donations of any clean empty boxes, egg cartons, milk bottles or other plastic containers to use at discovery time. 


Our School Athletics will take place on Monday 4th November.  Ngā tamariki are practicing their running, jumping and throwing. Team Kahikatea students will start our rotations at 11:50am, after having an early brain break snack, and we will finish the day after lunch with fun sprints and the annual House Teams relay.  As ngā tamariki will be out on the field for the duration of the rotations, could you please apply sunblock to your child/children before arriving at school.  We will have sunblock at school to reapply if needed.
After physical activity ngā tamariki often have a larger appetite so please supply a larger lunch on the day as well as a named drink bottle for them to take with them to their rotations.

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