Wednesday 19 May 2021

Kahikatea Newsletter Term 2 Week 3

Keeping Everyone Healthy 

To help everyone keep healthy, we would appreciate if you can please:

  • Keep children home if they are coughing, sneezing or have runny noses or other sicknesses
  • Encourage hand washing with soap and water
  • Please ensure your child comes with warm footwear 
  • Please send jumpers to school every day
Our Trip to the Park and Museum

We are looking forward to our trip next week! Amber and Charlotte's groups will go on Mon 24th May. Katie and Lisa's groups will go on Tues 25th May. 
Because Charlotte is still recovering and there will be a lot of walking, Katie McFarlane will take Charlotte's homegroup. 

We would appreciate if you can go over our Trip Social Story at home. We will also view it in class and discuss with the students. 

On the day of your child's trip, please ensure your child is/has:
  • Wearing school uniform 
  • A named jumper, on or in their bag
  • A light jacket if weather feels cooler
  • Covered walking shoes, e.g. sneakers
  • An ample lunch and extra snacks
  • A named water bottle
  • If wetting / soiling may be an issue, please also pack a spare pair of underwear/pants
  • Their school bag, ideally named 
  • Any medications required (please contact your home room teacher regarding this, prior to the trip day).
Library Days 
We have NEW library days!
Lisa and Katie's groups go on Tuesday. 
Amber and Charlotte's groups go on Thursday.

Fidget Toys 
We are noticing that some children are bringing in fidget toys from home. We would like to remind everyone that all toys, including fidget toys, are to stay at home. If parents feel that their child needs a fidget toy, please talk with your home room teacher. 

Learning in Action

We are enjoying working with Ferndale students in some of our Discovery sessions. 


Thank you for the new paint shirts Nuttall whanau! 

Stacey, our Teaching Assistant 

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