Thursday 27 April 2023

Kahikatea News Term 2 Week 1

Kia ora e te whānau,

It has been wonderful to see the children embrace being back at school this week after a slightly longer school holiday break. Over the past three days we have noticed children embracing 'We Love Learning' and 'We Love Challenging' as we settle back into our learning programmes.

Music & Technology Learning

Thank you to the many people who have collected their recycling and sent it our way! We will begin our Music and Technology unit next week. This unit will see us exploring how music is made, as children respond to elements of beat, rhythm, and tone. We will explore how different music makes us feel, as well as learn about some of the different families of musical instruments - wind, string, and percussion.

In Week 3, we have a group called 'Strike to Schools' coming to perform percussion instruments for us. We are very much looking forward to this! 

During Week 4 we will design and construct instruments using our recycled materials. It would be really helpful if you could have a conversation with your child/ren about what they would like to make leading up to this to ensure that they have the materials for their instrument ready to go.

This is the slideshow that will be shared with children when we begin the Technology component of the unit.

Mathematics in Kahikatea

This week for maths, our students have been focusing on using the statistical inquiry cycle. They have learnt about posing investigative questions, deciding on how to collect data to answer questions, sorting objects into categories for displays, making displays of data they have collected (pictographs) and making statements about data displays.

How amazing is this photo of the giant graph that Krystal’s Homegroup made? They read the book Greedy Cat and then created a pictograph of their favourite coloured cats. They even recorded the data using tally marks!

We are all extremely proud of the hard mahi that our students are displaying.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards,
Team Kahikatea

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