Saturday 20 June 2020

Kahikatea Newsletter Term 2 Week 10

Kia ora whānau
We hope you enjoy this update from our last two weeks at school.

Learning through play:
We are looking for donations of the following to support our play-based learning:  
  • Old newspapers and non-glossy magazines
  • Unwanted craft items e.g. wool, string, material scraps, 
  • Old clean socks 
  • Large suitcase (for storing dress ups)
  • Boxes for creations (eg biscuit boxes, soap boxes, etc) 
  • Clean plastic milk bottles 
  • Plastic caps (from milk bottles etc) 
  • Old kitchen pots, pans, spoons, etc. 


We continue to focus on children's wellbeing, with daily discussions and weekly home group circle time. Making time for gratitude, and making new friends have been key focuses recently.  Do feel free to discuss these at home with your child.

You might like to try this Sparklers Gratitude Journal in the next school holidays.

Personal "Space Bubbles"
Moving safely - We are noticing that some of our students are moving/playing in very busy and boisterous ways, and bumping into each other. Other times, some students are playing games that involved crashing, grabbing, pinching, and the like. 

While some of these games are fun for some students, they are upsetting for others. Thanks for your support in helping the children maintain their personal space bubbles, moving safely, and showing kindness to others. 

Take a look at this social story about maintaining safe spaces between people: 
 Space Bubble Social Story 

Parent Help
We are looking for some parents to volunteer their help during reading, by playing literacy games or supporting a group on a task, any day between 9.10-10.10 am. 
We also would love some volunteers to put reading books away. Putting reading books away can be done before school or at a time that suits you. If you can help, please email

Week 12 Learning Conferences: If you haven't already, please book in for learning conferences. Go to and entering the code yseec

Enjoy some of our latest learning through play photos:

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